Joe Biden - Donald Trump: An American Failure

[article originally written 1/14/2022, revised and republished 12/20/2022] AFP/Getty Images I can't imagine a single American citizen wishing for a U.S. President to fail, any President. Failure or success of a presidency is a reflection of America's ability to elect leaders that can unite and lead a nation. Yes, even in times of great diversity of opinion, a path forward must be provided that brings multiple viewpoints together to resolve this nation's issues. Such are the times that we live in, a nation that still tears itself apart over the "personality" of a previous president. One who actually did a pretty good job restoring the American dream for most citizens but certainly not all. The problem, of course, was while we waited for Mr. Trump to have an Eliza Doolittle moment and develop a bit of class-befitting the presidency, it never occurred. [Do you want class or results, that was the theme of his administration.] Trump's overbearing personality, self-

The Biden - Harris Southern Border Plan

Harris: "We Can't Secure The Border Until Central America Is A Paradise." Credit: AFP/Getty Images [original published date: July 30, 2021] Yes! Make Central America a desirable place to live, raise a family, and overthrow the troubled countries' current leadership! Done deal. Simple. Why didn't anybody else think of that? WOW, what a breakthrough. Link to background story here [Harris's] approach requires the democratic transformation of Central America’s governments [decades to accomplish] in a region controlled by the illegal drug trade and vast political corruption. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of illegals pour into this country each month across the open southern border.  188,000 in June 2021 alone, and that's just the ones that turned themselves into the border authorities.  So let's just call it at least 200,000 persons and growing each month. The cost to administer the Biden-Harris border policy, feed, transport, and provide temporary hous

Flying the Flag? Expect mixed reactions.

Today, being the 4th of July - in a troubled nation, a nation divided by political rhetoric, a nation that needs a leader. The New York Times published a piece today  (link here)   that invoked a sadness and a sense of loss in me.  Here's a short quote:  " Today, flying the flag from the back of a pickup truck or over a lawn is increasingly seen as a clue, albeit an imperfect one, to a person’s political affiliation in a deeply divided nation."  As I was setting up my Flag display yesterday (two small flags attached to my lampost), a young couple passed by with their small child in tow without initial comment. They passed by again upon ending their walk, and the young women said to me; "you really want to put that up?"  I was taken back, and said, "What?" She just shook her head and walked away, but turned to say after a few steps, that she thought it was racist. I did not respond. I could not respond. What's the point? But I should have responded,

Biden - Harris Capital Gains Tax

Some observations: 91-Days of Chaos. Biden-Harris cap tax increase impacts all wage earners via retirement savings - 401k growth slows, causing a 2 to 5-year delay in reaching your retirement goals - slow market growth and capital gains tax on distributions. Look out below. Thanks, Joe! @ POTUS @ VP It's a train wreck and will keep middle-class and blue-collar people working well past any "normal" retirement age. It will add at least a 2 to 5 years delay to a modest retirement plan, regardless of income bracket.

20,000 Young Migrants Crowd Shelters, Not a crisis for Biden WH

NYTimes reports; "President Biden’s administration, facing a surge of migrants, is under intensifying pressure to expand its capacity to care for unaccompanied minors." "The numbers are daunting: There could be more than 35,000 children to care for by June. The crisis has broad political and human ramifications."  (NYTimes story above is behind a paywall - sorry) There have been several reports, that the possibility (100%) of this crisis occurring was discussed in November with the incoming Biden-Harris administration team.   It's all about politics, not about the human suffering that Biden's action has caused. Biden's 47-year record of political failures continues at great human expense. CBP estimated expenses on a weekly basis to care and feed the children are now at $60,000,000 per week ($60 million!) That figure will double by June. This will soon be a $4-5 billion yearly expense. Imagine how those funds could have been put to use to help our own hom