20,000 Young Migrants Crowd Shelters, Not a crisis for Biden WH

NYTimes reports;

"President Biden’s administration, facing a surge of migrants, is under intensifying pressure to expand its capacity to care for unaccompanied minors."

"The numbers are daunting: There could be more than 35,000 children to care for by June. The crisis has broad political and human ramifications." (NYTimes story above is behind a paywall - sorry)

There have been several reports, that the possibility (100%) of this crisis occurring was discussed in November with the incoming Biden-Harris administration team.  

It's all about politics, not about the human suffering that Biden's action has caused. Biden's 47-year record of political failures continues at great human expense.

CBP estimated expenses on a weekly basis to care and feed the children are now at $60,000,000 per week ($60 million!) That figure will double by June. This will soon be a $4-5 billion yearly expense.

Imagine how those funds could have been put to use to help our own homeless. $6-10 million a week (each) for 10-U.S. cities with their own homeless populations.

That's a lot of meals, shelter, and health care (not nearly enough, but at least it would be spent on our homeless).

The remaining question as Biden dodges direct responsibility, is where is VP Harris? The point person on the "crisis - not a crisis."


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