Joe Biden - Donald Trump: An American Failure

[article originally written 1/14/2022, revised and republished 12/20/2022]

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I can't imagine a single American citizen wishing for a U.S. President to fail, any President.

Failure or success of a presidency is a reflection of America's ability to elect leaders that can unite and lead a nation. Yes, even in times of great diversity of opinion, a path forward must be provided that brings multiple viewpoints together to resolve this nation's issues.

Such are the times that we live in, a nation that still tears itself apart over the "personality" of a previous president. One who actually did a pretty good job restoring the American dream for most citizens but certainly not all.

The problem, of course, was while we waited for Mr. Trump to have an Eliza Doolittle moment and develop a bit of class-befitting the presidency, it never occurred. [Do you want class or results, that was the theme of his administration.]

Trump's overbearing personality, self-grandiose style, endless self-promotion, overall crudeness, and tall tales (to put it kindly) are offputting. But the message of "make America great again" resonated with the voters, especially when his challenger in 2016 offered little but the same policies of the previous administration's 8-years of stagnation and a sense of entitlement to the office.  

America was ripe for a change, and it got it. May another Donald Trump personality never be elected to public office again. 

His general policies were correct; it was and still is his personality that made him unelectable a second time.

Bringing jobs back to America, securing our borders, lowering taxes (for all), energy independence, and improving educational policies is a simple ask.

Less government involvement in citizens' lives and a more manageable-sized government are required.

Thus, as we enter the second year of the second decade of the 21st century is the tale of two presidents. 

On the one hand, we had a brash and very unlikeable personality as President Donald Trump. Now, we have a somewhat likable guy (but a weak and befuddled president) in Joe Biden.

We made a mistake. Joe's not the guy for this job. His number 2 is a joke, unprepared and profoundly unliked.


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