The Biden - Harris Southern Border Plan

Harris: "We Can't Secure The Border Until Central America Is A Paradise."

Credit: AFP/Getty Images

[original published date: July 30, 2021]

Yes! Make Central America a desirable place to live, raise a family, and overthrow the troubled countries' current leadership! Done deal. Simple.

Why didn't anybody else think of that? WOW, what a breakthrough.

[Harris's] approach requires the democratic transformation of Central America’s governments [decades to accomplish] in a region controlled by the illegal drug trade and vast political corruption.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of illegals pour into this country each month across the open southern border. 

188,000 in June 2021 alone, and that's just the ones that turned themselves into the border authorities. So let's just call it at least 200,000 persons and growing each month.

The cost to administer the Biden-Harris border policy, feed, transport, and provide temporary housing for this growing influx of illegals is estimated at $3,000,000 a day ($90,000,000 a month.) 

Every 4-months, the influx of illegals exceeds the population of Washington DC. Every 10-months, the influx exceeds the population of Nebraska. 

That's a staggering impact on the local economy of our cities as they try to absorb the influx of non-citizens and provide taxpayer support to this growing illegal community.

Despite years of foreign aid being sent to Central American countries, it hasn't affected the standard of living of the people in those countries, much less turned it into a Harris proclaimed - "Paradise."

If it's easier to move into the house across the street than clean up your own house, what would you do?  You'd move.

AND that's exactly what is happening on our southern border; people are trying to move into the "better" neighborhood. AND no one should blame them for that.

Unable to overcome the crime and corruption in their own countries, they move out of the bad neighborhood and into the better neighborhood.  I get it, and so do you. 

However, with the good comes the bad, and soon the good neighborhood is now the bad neighborhood, and the cycle is doomed to repeat unbroken.

How do you break that cycle? By standing up for yourself and your neighbors, by ridding yourself of the bad characters that bring down the whole.  It must start where you are - you can't just move and run. You must fight for a decent life, for the economic opportunity to succeed, and I believe that most would do so.


We could just lower our own standard of living, making us a less attractive neighborhood.

Choose wisely, grasshopper.


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